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Friday, March 28, 2008

Adding My Blog To Yours



If you have enjoyed the content of this blog and would like to share it on yours then fallow these steps.

Step One: I assume that you have a Recommended links, Links, Blog links, Recommended blogs or something like that on your blog. The first step is to add my Address to your blog. This can be done in two different ways by editing your Html Code.

Step two: Decide whether you would like to place My blog's Logo on your page or a Text Link with My blogs name. (see Examples below)


Or this?

If you have decided to place my Blogs Logo on your page with a link place the fallowing code onto your Webpage. When users Click this Logo it will bring them to my Blog homepage. :)

If you have decided you would rather place a Text link then copy the fallowing code and place it somewhere on your page.

If you have another method of Connecting my Your Blog to mine feel free to do so. Please use "Everything Entertaining" as title.

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